Aug 14, 2019

An Apology

Good morning! I don't have anything to share today, but wanted to do a quick post apologizing to you if you were one of those receiving several of my posts in your readers, as it has happened to some of my blogging friends.

Some of you may have noticed in July my costum blog domain got deleted because I updated my email with blogspot sometime last year but apparently google (where I purchased my domain and where my blog is hosted through) did not get updated automatically and my domain expired because I never received the bill. At that time my blog didn't work anymore (until I noticed - it may have been a few days as I was on vacation during that time) but it was too late to retrieve my domain and I decided to purchase a new domain at some point and simply redirected my blog back to the original blogspot url until I decided on a new domain with a little hope that my previous one would become available for purchase again in the meantime. 

So yesterday I purchased a new domain and linked it to my blog. Somewhere during this time (behind blogspot's scenes) it appears that some of my followers must have received multiple posts from me. I truly don't know why that happened and cannot explain. I wanted to apologize because the last thing I want to do is spam your reading lists with some of my old posts. 

I did recently decide to  make my blog more than just "papercrafts" as I went from posting cards several times a week a few years ago to really just once a week with an extra card here and there. So it just made sense to keep the same blog for my non-card posts, but I completely understand if you no longer want to follow my blog. 

Thanks so much for reading this and for understanding!


  1. Totally understand -- I remember a few years ago when Blogger went cray-cray and everyone lost posts!!!

    1. Thanks Julie, losing posts would have been a nightmare.

  2. Totally understand you Hun! Welcome back x

    Grace Louise ||


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