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Sep 6, 2022

Recent Amazon Prime Purchases and a Perfect Pair of Petite Friendly Jeans from Target

It's been a while since I joined the Amazon Prime linkup, even though we've purchased quite a few things, I just never got around to writing up a post so here I am today sharing a few of the things we purchased over the last several months. A random mix of things ... At the end of the post I'm also sharing a new pair of jeans perfect for petites I recently found at Target and how I worn them to an orchard.

1. Anthony's Diastatic Dry Malt Powder

I've been making lots of bread over the last few months, mainly using this and this no knead recipe but I wanted to try making my own authentic German farmer's bread and I needed this powder for it. I made one of these breads so far and while it's easy to make this recipe does require kneading, thankfully I have my KitchenAid stand mixer to do the hard work for me.

2. Heatless Curling Headband

My daughter saw this on Tik Tok and wanted to try it for herself.

3. Hair Pins for Ballet Bun.

Couldn't find the color she needed at the local shop so Amazon came to the rescue!

4. Strathmore Visual Art Journal .

I've been wanting to start art journaling for some time now (been doing a few pages over the years but didn't have an actual book. So decided to purchase this one, sadly I haven't started yet but do love the smaller size (6x8.5 inches) and it's great quality mixed media paper. 

5. LG Computer Monitor.

My son wanted this for use with his laptop for the bigger screens. He's been happy with it.

6. Drawstring Curly Hair Ponytail.

My daughter needed some curls for her part in the Cinderella Ballet that needed to be even shorter than these. I didn't want to cut into her more expensive Nutcracker curls so I purchased these. Thought they were a good quality and about half the price I paid for her Nutcracker curls a few years ago from Sally's. 

7. Cubicer Computer Desk.

My son loves this desk. 

8. Brusho Crystals Color Set.

These have been on my wishlist for years, finally decided it's time to give them a try. Easy to use and so much fun!

9. Tutu Bag

Another item needed for ballet. This worked perfectly for my daughter's professional sized ballet tutu. 

Not from Amazon but I am so excited to have found a perfect pair of jeans for petites from Target and wanted to share. (If you are petite then you will know how hard it is to find jeans that aren't too long!!!)

These are the Universal Threat Crop Jeans in a light wash, available in 3 different lengths. I am wearing the "regular" lengths in size 0 and am approx. 5' 2" tall, 37" hips and 28" waist. (I'm sharing this info in case you'd like to get them for yourself and it might help you decide what size you need).  If you are shorter you may find the short works better and if you are taller you might prefer the long lengths. 

For sizing references, the size 0 regular jeans has a 9.25" rise and 26" inseam. I may choose to cut about half an inch off which will be easy to do since these are a raw hem jeans. I had also ordered the "short" version but those were just too cropped and I wanted more of an ankle lengths.

Universal Threads Jeans

The jeans also come in a dark wash and I have them on order. (Edited to add: I have now received the dark wash and while the fit is the same as the light wash, I find the dark wash to feel a bit stiffer, not as soft as the light wash and I plan on returning the dark wash.) Unfortunately neither the light or dark wash are available in store, at least not at mine. This light wash pair above is my first pair of Universal Threads jeans and so far I'm happy with the quality and they are less than $35!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Joanne said...

My son has that same computer desk and it's over 2 years old now and still holding up beautifully!

Tanya said...

Lots of good finds this month, including fun things for ballet. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases ~ Tanya @ The Other Side of the Road

Lovely said...

The jeans look great on you.

Jennifer said...

Cute outfit!

Curated by Jennifer

Ellibelle said...

Good to hear! I think it was a great buy too!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Tanya!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much. Love the jeans (and the price of them too :)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Great finds - I love seeing the tutu bag! Always brilliant when you find the right jeans for you. Good to see you back in the link up.

Amy Johnson said...

I haven't been to Target in ages but I finally went and purchased a pair of green cargo pants. I love them, but haven't worn them yet. Cute jeans!