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May 27, 2020

Misfits Market: My First Box Arrived

Happy Wednesday!
With the way life is currently, I have cut my grocery shopping trips in half (at least). When I recently came across a blogging friend's post, where she talked about the Misfits Market box she received, I remembered seeing ads of this service popping up on my facebook several months ago but never really had given it any extra thoughts back then. Well, this current situation was the perfect reason for me to give it a try, since we all like to eat vegetables with our meals and all four of us are willing to try any vegetables and always prefer fresh over frozen.

About Misfits Market

At Misfits Market you can choose a weekly or every other week delivery, and you can choose a small box - the Mischief or a large box, the Madness.

The Mischief: You will receive 10-13 lbs of organic produce, enough for a small household of up to 2 people. This box is $22.
The Madness: You will receive 18-22 lbs of organic produce, enough for up to 5 people. This box is $35.

I decided to subscribe to the Madness box for our family of four, delivered every two weeks at the moment.

This service is not yet available in the whole US, they currently deliver to all zip codes* in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. If your state is not on this list they recommend you to join the wait list and you’ll be the first to know when they come to your area.

(*Due to carrier limitations in some coastal areas of Massachusetts, they cannot currently deliver to Nantucket Island or Martha's Vineyard.)

Taken from their website:
"We’re a subscription box of sometimes funny-looking fruits and vegetables making it easy and affordable for all of us to eat healthy. We are dedicated to breaking the cycle of food waste by helping delicious food find a good home. Your home.

All of the produce in your  Misfits Market box is certified organic and non-GMO, sourced from hand-picked farms and partners in our region and across the Americas. This means that they avoid using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, are prohibited from using genetic engineering or genetically modified organisms, and, according to the USDA, "rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods to the fullest extent possible."

What I Received In My First Box:

28 small-ish Golden Potatoes
2 bunches of Celery Stalks with Leaves
1 Butternut Squash
6 Apples
6 Oranges
4 Zucchini
4 Beets
1 Bunch of Cilantro
1 Bunch of Curly Parsley
6 Limes
4 Mangos
2 Bunches of Collard Greens
2 Bunches of Spring Onions
5 Cucumbers

I received the box last week Thursday (5/21) and most of the produce has now been used.

Here are some ways I used or plan on using them:

  • With the second bunch of Collard Greens and the other 2 Zucchini I made a side dish of Collard Greens and Onions following the recipe above (minus the pasta) and added the Zucchini (sliced).

  • With 4 of the limes I made Lime Bars. The remaining two Limes are being used to add to water for a little flavor.

  • The mangoesoranges and apples were eaten fresh. 

  • Some of the cucumbers and green onions were used to make a tomato and cucumber salad. (No recipe link, I make mine with a simple dressing of vinegar, dill and salt) Some were used to add to sandwiches. 

  • With the beet roots I plan on making beet chips.

  • The celery stalks were eaten fresh as a healthy snack and I also froze a few to use in soup.

  • The butternut squash will be cut in half and roasted in the oven on a rainy day. 

Unfortunately I don't think I have a use for cilantro and parsley. I'm growing parsley in my garden but will put both of these in the freezer for now.

What I was A Little Disappointed About:

  • I signed up for Wednesday delivery, but my box didn't arrive until Thursday. 
  • One orange had to be thrown out after a few days as it was spoilt.
  • The celery looked a little sad, but I think that's the nature of celery after cutting. It looses its moisture. I received the tip to submerge it in cold water for a little while and it will get its crispiness back. It worked out great and it wasn't really a disappointment but I wanted to include here as it was my first thought when seeing it in the box.

Final Verdict and Thoughts:

I was happy with my box. Everything we ate had great flavor! 
Receiving a random mix of produce gave me the opportunity to look for some new recipes to try, like the beet chips,collard greens pasta and lime bars. (I'm not usually one to randomly try new things, so this was perfect for me!)

As these are fresh fruits and veggies without preservatives, many things in the box will need to be eaten within a week or even sooner. I am sure that orange I had to throw out was fine on the day it arrived and the next day, so I will need to be sure to inspect everything better upon arrival so the things needed to be eaten first will in fact be eaten first. I do recommend this service but if you're looking for perfect produce then it might not be for you. 

While I do not receive a commission or free produce for doing this post, Misfits Market does give every subscriber a referral code that can be shared with friends who in return will be able to receive their first box at 25% off, and I too will receive 25% off a future box. 

To receive 25% off your first box, you can copy and use this code: COOKWME-TT0TPG. Once you are subscribed to the service, you too will receive a referral code to share with your friends.
By the way, you can always unsubscribe from this service if you no longer want to receive a box, and you can also skip a delivery or pause the delivery. You can read all FAQ on their site HERE.

As always, thank  you so much for visiting! 


Laura B said...

I haven't heard of this before but it sounds great! I am sure it does encourage you to try new recipes and eat more vegetables and fruit! It seems like you received a lot for the price!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

This sounds amazing! And love that it's organic <3

Green Fashionista

Katie said...

OMG so many veggies! Also, I love the pic of your cat in the box, classic!

Katie |

Joanne said...

I definitely find that some of the fruits and vegetables don't last long at all but thankfully we haven't had to throw much away at all. We used our limes this week to make key lime pie.

Kathy said...

My son and his girlfriend received these and the colorful veggies looked so good! Tempted, very tempted!

Allyson said...

I've heard about this and was curious. Sounds like a good idea.

Jennifer said...

I want to try this but it isn't near me yet!

Effortlessly Sophisticated

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds wonderful!! I can't see them adding AZ to their list for delivery -- it is always SO hot here, that if they had to leave the box at delivery, then it would be ruined by the time someone got home! LOL! :)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks for stopping by, Laura. I too think it's a good amount of fresh produce for the price.

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Kate!

Ellibelle said...

My cats LOVE boxes!

Ellibelle said...

I've never made key lime pie! Maybe with my next delivery of limes, it's a perfect summer pie!

Ellibelle said...

Yes, they look so colorful and you never know what will be in your box!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Allyson! I'm pleased with it so far!

Ellibelle said...

I think you'd love it. I was happy that they deliver to Illinois. It's perfect for me with our current situation.
Hope it'll be offered in more states soon!

Ellibelle said...

Yes, the heat can ruin things quickly.

Tamar SB said...

My best friend swears by misfits!

Sheltie Times said...

I would think if you are an adventurous eater this would be interesting. I tend to stick to buying for specific meals or I'd likely waste it. I do like fresh farm prodce when I can get it. We are hoping farmer's markets will make a come back.

Ellibelle said...

That's great to hear! I'm expecting my second box tomorrow and thinking of getting it weekly. I ran out of produce too quickly :)

Ellibelle said...

Our farmers market opened up but have to shop with mask even though it's outside. I can't deal with masks and I know they are so important to some, so I chose to get my fresh produce this way instead.

I'm not traditionally an adventurous eater, but always willing to try a new vegetable meal or side, just don't like looking for random new recipes. This way I'm sent some sort of produce and can look things up according to what I received. Makes meal planning a little bit easier for me.

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Oh wow, this is so fun! We used to participate in a crop share with a local farm and they would deliver once a week or every other week. It was really great, but yeah sometimes you would get some not so great items, but I still enjoyed the service! Thanks for linking up.