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Sep 2, 2020

Misfits Market Box No. 14 - Contents and How I Used the Produce

Happy Wednesday! I'm sharing my newest box from Misfits Market today which was received last Wednesday. Now that I get to pick my own produce things are starting to look similar every week as I know what my family and I prefer and I try to select those. But I still try to switch it up a bit and I enjoy choosing my own stuff :-)

Before I forget to mention, Misfits Market is currently expanding to a few other states in the Midwest and you can pre-order for Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. You can use my 
code COOKWME-TT0TPG to receive 30% off your first box. According to their site they will begin shipping to these states around Sept. 14th.

If you are new to my blog or if you're not familiar with Misfits Market, I am sharing this from their site as they explain it best:

"It's a subscription box of sometimes funny-looking, always delicious produce, designed to break the cycle of food waste. Think of us like an online grocery store, except one that specializes in rescuing food that is unnecessarily thrown away. We source high-quality organic produce that has a few quirks—onions that are too small, potatoes that are shaped like your favorite celebrity, and carrots that fell in love and got twisted together. It may sound like a joke, but billions of pounds of this fresh and delicious food is tossed each year because grocery stores only want "perfect" foods on their shelves. We step in and buy this food from hundreds of farms across the country and bring them to your doorstep, saving you money and helping you save the world." 

Misfits Market does give every subscriber a discount code to share with their friends for 25% off their first box. If you would like to try this service, you can use this code: COOKWME-TT0TPG.
While this post is in no way sponsored by Misfits Market, I too would receive a 30% discount off of a future box when someone is taking advantage of this code.

Just a note, they do not yet deliver to all States, you can take a look here to see if your state is one of them. 

This Week's Box Contents:

This Week's Box Contents:

I received everything I selected, however I do not select the quantities.

2 Boxes of Cherry Tomatoes
2 Bundles of Scallions
5 Red Onions
6 Red Pears
2 Mangos
1 Broccoli Bundle
1 Green Cabbage
1 Eggplant
2 Grapefruit
4 Peaches
5 Jalapeno Peppers
8 Roma Tomatoes
2 Zucchini
2 Summer Squash

Add-Ons this week (these do cost extra):

1 Loaf of Artisan Bread
1 Bag of Green Grapes
2 Heads of Garlic

How I Used the Produce:

  • Eggplant, Zucchini, Summer Squash, 2 onions (they were kind of small), 2 Roma Tomatoes and some Garlic were used to make another pot of Ratatouille. I also added some mild Banana Peppers from my Garden.
  •  Cabbage and 2 Onions were used to make Cabbage and Noodles dish following this recipe (minus the Kielbasa as I had none in the house).
  • Some Roma Tomatoes and Scallions were used to make Tomato Cucumber Salad (Cucumbers were from my garden.)
  • We love to snack on Cherry Tomatoes.
  • Broccoli was simply steamed as a side dish.
  • All fruits are usually eaten fresh.
  • 1 Jalapeno Pepper I added sliced to a sandwich. I don't usually eat too much spicy food but I thought maybe the spicy pepper will help relief my stuffy nose somewhat...

The bread is a sort of a take and bake bread. It's a new addition to their site. It has a bit of a sourdough bread taste to it.

Still left:
2 pears, 1 grapefruit, a few scallions, a few cherry tomatoes, a few grapes, a couple of the red onions, garlic and 4 Jalapeno Peppers. I'm sure most of this will be used, but not really sure why I added the Jalapeno peppers. We rarely eat spicy food...

I'm glad this box had nothing missing and nothing spoilt. The broccoli did need to be used up quickly as it was starting to turn yellow. 

If you would like to try Misfits Market, you can use this code: COOKWME-TT0TPG to receive 30% off your first box.

Thanks so much for visting!

Please note: This post includes Amazon affiliate links meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always this is at no cost to you. Thanks so much for supporting this blog.

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  1. I think Misfit Market is good for stretching a family's tolerance for new menu itens!

  2. So glad they are expanding to Michigan. I'm currently using Imperfect Foods but so far most of the produce, I can get cheaper at the grocery store and farmer's market.

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. Glad nothing was spoiled this time!

  4. We got a few things I hadn't selected in our last box and I was so glad we did as we got to try two new delicious types of squash we hadn't had (or seen!) before. But I do love that I get MOST of the things that we actually use and eat now.

  5. I love the concept of Misfits. Thanks for sharing! Visiting today from the Anything Goes link up. Have a great week!

  6. Gah, I still haven't looked into signing up for this and I really want to! Thanks for sharing and linking up with me...and reminding me of this wonderful service!



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