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Sep 17, 2021

Fashion Over Forty: Too Old for a Tiered Mini Skirt?

Hello and welcome!

I've stepped a little bit out of my comfort zone for today's outfit post and I styled a tiered mini skirt I found at Goodwill. It was only a few dollars and I thought my daughter might like it, but she didn't like the color. I however am loving this pretty dusty blue and I wanted to style it before deciding whether to put it into the donate bag or hang on to it. 

I'm drawn to these types of skirts but have to admit I feel like I may be too old to pull this style off :(  And it doesn't help that I have no idea what tops to wear with skirts.... Hard to believe I used to wear skirts/dresses often in my late teens/early adult life.

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As mentioned, I picked this skirt up from Goodwill, the brand is by Shein which is  known for their low prices and therefore (sadly) not for the best quality. When I had found the skirt I had no idea it was by Shein and thought the quality seemed good. It's a polyester/cotton blend. I later found the tag on the side of the skirt. It washed up well and is easy to iron, however it it rather thin and I was afraid it would be a bit see through. If it is, I can't tell by looking at these pictures. Of course there is always the option to wear a slip under it since the skirt is not lined. I'm wearing these slip shorts.

As I found this at a second hand shop, this exact print is no longer available, but if you are looking for something like this you can take a look at Shein's current tiered skirts. They do have several to choose from at various lengths. 

Also several to choose from at Amazon Fashion:

I paired the skirt with a short V-neck cardigan by J. Crew. It looks white in the photos but is actually a sort of ivory color. It's a few years old so no longer available but if you're looking for a shorter style cardigan, Nordstrom has several options. 

I had this idea to wear cognac colored shoes/sandals with this outfit. These are by Natural Soul purchased a few years ago from Kohl's. Unfortunately, looking at these pictures I realize once again that sandals with a high vamp such a these aren't the best choice for petite women as they shorten the legs. I really should pack them up and sell or donate. They are just so comfortable to walk in and comfortable shoes are a must for me! 

For accessories I added a layered necklace to fill in the neckline and also 3 coordinating beaded bracelets. 

My saddle bag is by Nine West, another thrifted item I had found a few years ago. 

When the photographer asks you to twirl, you twirl 😁

Thanks so much for visiting! 

If you have any advice on how to better style a tiered mini skirt, do let me know know in the comments below! I always like to read your comments along with your creative criticism! 

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the 4 M's said...

Very cute! Definitely not too old for a tiered skirt: I am older than you and have two and enjoy wearing them! They look cute with tank tops too and later one with a denim jacket and boots. Keep it!

Kate @ Rooted + Free said...

I love that skirt! I actually got it in yellow and loved it so much I want it in more colors, I think it looks great on you!

Maple Leopard said...

Very cute! Never to old to wear what you want I say long as its within reason ha ha.You look fabulous!,



Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much! Yes, I saw you style a tiered skirt on your blog and it looks GREAT on you! I wanted to style it with a denim jacket, but my denim jacket is a bit oversized so it didn't look good with it :-(

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Kate! I can imagine yellow looking fabulous this time of the year and in spring too!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Valerie! said...

I think that skirt is adorable on you. And a terrific length. Love the way you styled it. I can relate to what you are saying about the choice of shoe. I recently styled a very simple dress with both heels and flats. The flats were so cute but really cut my legs off and made me look so much stumpier!! The heels were much more flattering. I just need more heels that are comfy to wear. And maybe something with a kitten heel rather than a stiletto!!

Joanne said...

No way are you too old for this style! It's a great look on you.

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much! I was surprised at how well the length fit me. Being petite they always seem to be too long!
I too want to get a pair of kitten heels, I never did own stilettos even though I am short, but now that the kids outgrew me, I want to wear some sort of heels!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Joanne!

Mode und Lifestyleblog Tinaspinkfriday said...

Oh nein, Du siehst wirklich fantastisch aus. 😃
Liebe Grüße Tina

Jennifer said...

This skirt is so cute!!

Curated By Jennifer

Michelle said...

I think that skirt looks great on you and as far as age, I'm 44 and I have one skirt like that and I love it. I wear it with a nice tank top but that cardigan looks cute with it too! Now I want to try it with a cardigan. #AnythingGoes

Anna from Looking Fabulous @ Fifty said...

I like the way you look in this skirt, I think you don't need to worry about your age, you look lovely in it

Lydia C. Lee said...

As long as you feel good and are confident in it, you can wear whatever you like.

Mica said...

that is such a cute skirt on you and I just thrifted a similar piece for $1 as well! I wouldn't normally go for something like that but I was at the park yesterday with the kids and there was a mum wearing a skirt that looks exactly like this one you are wearing, with her mum (the kids grandma) there too wearing a similar one in black. I think they are just spring summer staples here no matter your age! I wouldn't worry about it at all, you definitely rock this!

Thanks for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you have a good weekend ahead of you. Another busy but fun one here :)

Away From The Blue

Tracy said...

I love how you styled that skirt! I don't think age matters as much as people think. It's more important that you feel comfortable and love what you're wearing!


Amy Johnson said...

I think the skirt looks so cute on you and because of the way you styled it, it does not look too young on you at all.

Jessica Jannenga said...

Well I am an enabler! I say keep it, as it looks so pretty on you! I love the sillouette of the more fitted cardigan with the tiered floral.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Anonymous said...

Too old for a tiered mini? Oh heck no! This outfit is adorable and looks great on you.


mummabstylish said...

I love this style, you look amazing - my rule if it looks good go for it! I don't wear short skirts or dresses because I don't have the legs! Thanks for joining the #LINKUP Jacqui x

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

This is the cutest skirt on you! Definitely not too old! Love your styling!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Tony said...

You do look so cute in this mini, you are not to old. I also love the shoes. Very nice outfit