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Mar 1, 2022

My Recent Amazon Purchases

In January was my first time joining in with some other blogger's "Recent Amazon Purchases" linkup, but as I mentioned it would be more of an "every other month" occurrence for me as I don't think I buy enough to warrant a monthly post. 

So here is what I purchased over the last 2 months.

Lodge 5qt Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I've been wanting to try a No Knead bread for quite some time. The blogger who shared the recipe has one of those expensive Le Creuset pots which is non-stick. Well, after doing some research I decided to  try a traditional Cast Iron Dutch oven (for a fraction of the cost of the Le Creuset pot) and I love it! It may need a little extra care but not really that much. I know it says it's pre-seasoned, but after doing some research I seasoned it again after receiving by rubbing it with cooking oil and then placing into a hot oven (450 F) for one hour. I don't use soap when washing it, only hot water and if needed I use some coarse salt. I dry it immediately and then use a paper towel to rub with oil after each use. (In case you are wondering, no you don't need to place in the oven after rubbing it with oil each time, only the very first time I've done that.) 

BTW: this is the recipe I am using. And I have been making this bread at least weekly but more often twice a week and loving it! I always use parchment paper to form the bread on and then use it to lift into the dutch oven, so it doesn't really get dirty and  the bread never gets stuck, so I don't really see the need for a non- stick dutch oven. 

Block Heel Sandals

Naturalizer Tiff Sandals Wide // Dream Pairs Chunky Heel

My daughter needed sandals for a school Valentines dance and of course she outgrew what she had before and so we had to go on a hunt. Nothing to be found anywhere in town (she has big and wide feet so not easy to shop for) so Amazon came to the rescue. I felt so silly but I ordered 4 different styles in 2 different sizes and one style also in a different color but luckily my husband helped with the returns.

Most of these were too narrow for her wide foot, but the Idifu Sandals was what she kept. Her favorite pair (and mine) would have been the Naturalizer Tiff, but on our first order we didn't see they came in a wide widths. I did find them afterwards and ordered, but sadly that size wasn't delivered until the following Monday (due to weather) so too late to wear to the dance. They did fit beautifully though and looked gorgeous but they had to go back as she had already worn the other pair and couldn't return those :(

D'Arbo Elderflower Syrup (for homemade flavored soda using my Sodastream)

This stuff is expensive because it's imported. My brother used to bring me some of this syrup from Europe when he came to visit, but it's been way too long since he was able to come and he found this online for me at Amazon. So delicious! All I have to do is add 2 tablespoonful of the syrup to a glass then pour carbonated water over and mix when I want a flavored drink as an occasional treat.

RTIC Stainless Steel 30oz Tumbler

Another blogger has recommended this large tumbler to help her with drinking more water. If there is anything I'd like to change about my habits, it's drinking more water throughout the day, so I decided to order. It comes in tons of colors, but I went the "cheap" route and purchased the stainless steel color. It is several dollars cheaper than the colored versions. This tumbler keeps my water cold all day long and it also will keep tea or coffee hot all day long. So far I've only used it for plain water and I do think it's been helping me increase my water intake. I carry it with me constantly and even though it's large, it does fit into the car's cup holder. 

I ran low on my "go-to" paper/card stock for my handmade greeting cards. I use this for most of my card fronts when using distress inks, watercolors or colored pencils (unless I'm using a digital image - it is too thick for my printer.) 

Currently my favorite coffee. Can't find it anywhere locally and has to be ordered. 

In the colder months I always layer a plain camisole under my sweaters/shirts and needed a refresh. But for some reason I am unable to find any basic camis like these, either they have a weird cut, come with build in bra or are waaayyy too long, so  went looking on Amazon.  I had high hopes for these but unfortunately are too tight for me in the bust area so I need to exchange them for a larger size. Otherwise the material feels really soft and is made of 95% cotton. 

I've been using a Brita filter system for many years now and usually just need to purchase the replacement filters, but this time I had to replace the whole system as the old one had a crack in it :(

Digital Downloads to complete my Phillipa Carr Daughters of England Series

That was it, I think. My favorite and most useful purchase was definitely the Lodge Dutch Oven

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Tamar SB said...

Some great purchases!

Joanne said...

I have a (cheaper) cast iron dutch oven just like that one that we have only ever used for making no-knead bread! LOL. I keep saying I'm going to find something else I can cook in there but I never have yet.

Lovely said...

The sandals look great!

Jennifer said...

I've never heard of that coffee brand before!

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Tanya said...

I have several lodge pans and just love them. I'm going to check out the bread recipe. Thanks so much for linking up!