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Nov 15, 2015

Something completely different...

Ok, this is my first time ever making a wreath, so please be nice :-)
It's nowhere near perfect, but I am pretty impressed by how it turned out :-) I've been wanting to create a wreath for many years now, but never actually did. I was always overwhelmed by the amount of products you can buy, and never knew where to begin. This year I did a pinterest search for wreaths, and came across so many beautifully designed ones. And so it started.

I actually wanted to create a Fall wreath, but when I went shopping for supplies, all Fall items were on clearance and hardly anything left. So I decided to create a Christmas one instead, Christmas is only a few weeks away anyway.
My supplies came mainly from Joann Craft and Fabric, with a couple sprigs that I picked up from Walmart. The owls I found at Menards, they are actually ornaments, but I cut the hanging loops off.
After the hardest part was done - deciding what to purchase - it was fairly easy to put together. The next challenging part came when it was time to make and attach the bow, but I somehow managed thanks to a youtube bow-making video I watched. Now I just need to glue the owls on, they are still loose right now, and will be using my hot glue gun. 
This wreath will be hanging on my living room wall the day after Thanksgiving :-)

Hope you're having a nice and relaxing Sunday. The weather is beautiful here in my part of the world so I will be doing a little yard work before it gets dark outside. Lots of leaves were blown onto the corners of the house last week in the storm. 


  1. I think you did a beautiful job! I love the owls!

  2. Wowwwwwwwww! This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! it's just so beautiful with all the lovely details and those owls.....oh my!!! can they be more adorable??
    Beautiful job, just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  4. Gorgeous!! You did a great job!!


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