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Dec 11, 2020

Some of my Favorite Christmas Decorations

Happy Friday. I'm taking a break from an outfit post today...I was going to share a sweater dress outfit but on the day I wanted to take pictures, I decided to make some Christmas cookies and it took me longer than I thought it would. I was still partially covered in flour by the time the sun went down. Hopefully I'll get some pictures taken this weekend for next Friday's post....In all honestly, I've been feeling uninspired lately about fashion, my closet and especially taking outfit photos for the blog. The colder weather and shorter daylight doesn't help the matter. Oh well, there's more to life than worrying about it so these Friday posts might not always be about outfits.

Some of the lifestyle bloggers I'm following have shared some of their favorite Christmas decorations and I decided to do the same today. My Christmas d├ęcor is definitely not "show-worthy" but I love it all! 

Please note, some of the links included are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always this is at no cost to you! Thanks so much for supporting this blog!

I love these wooden angels! I've had them for over 20 years! Each year during the holidays my former boss' wife gifted each employee one of these angels. This was many years ago when I was still living and working in Germany. The last one I received in December of 1997, then in the fall of 1998 I moved to the US, so I only have 5. These are by Wendt & Kuehn and you might have seen them before if you've ever been to a traditional German Christmas market. I've been thinking of adding a few more to my small collection and found some on eBay a while back but haven't purchased any from there. 

These beautiful Christmas Village houses are all from Dept. 56. I've had the church for a long time and used to decorate around it with village houses from other brands, but this year I found these two beautiful houses at a thrift store for less than $25 for both. They belong to the same set by Dept. 56, the Alpine Village set. Dept. 56 makes a variety of sets, but this one is definitely my favorite! 

They look so much prettier in the evenings when all lit up!

Years ago I used a fluffy "snow blanket" under these types of decorations, but it's not cat friendly and I now use a white table runner instead. My orange tabby got his claws caught in the fluffy stuff once - luckily I was able to get him down before he pulled everything off. 

I think this pretty metal and wooden deer is from Hobby Lobby from years ago, it's a favorite and comes out every year. The turquoise vase was a gift and I keep it on the mantle all year round and  only change out the flower in it. 

The vintage box was a thrift store find some years ago, love love love it and it holds a photo of me and my siblings when we were little. I'm the youngest in the middle. 

This vintage wooden Santa with Sleigh was found at an antique shop. Made in Germany's Erzgebirge probably in the early 70's. (The cutie behind Santa is my now 18 year old.)

I really need to re-think the setup, too many themes in one place!!
The clay nativity came from Hobby Lobby years ago, the small tree was a Target  find  also from a few years back and the wooden Santa is a set of Russian nesting dolls I found at an antique store as well. I wish I had taken a photo with all the sizes taken out, they're so cute!

Many years ago I purchased Lego Christmas houses but only have two sets and a cute Gingerbread house that was free with purchase from years ago. I  have the "Toy Shop" set (which includes the Christmas tree and some of the figures) and the "Post Office" set which includes the post office building below, the musician's gazebo  and car (a peek above) along with some figures.  

These are no longer in production and only available on eBay or Amazon at higher than original prices.  Lego used to release one new Winter Village set each winter. Wish I had more of these, but when the Winter Village train was always on backorder I decided we really didn't need it or had room for more and quit purchasing them. Still wish I had this Winter Village cottage, but at $499 (and up) there is no way that's going to happen!! That set was released before I was aware of this lego series therefore it's been retired for a long time and always ridiculously priced.

Isn't this gingerbread house the cutest!! And I had so much fun building it too! I've used some fluffy "snow" here but my cat is rarely in this room so I think it's safe. I'd hate to see all of these Legos on the floor!!! 

This beautiful set is by Depose from Italy. And yes you guessed it, it's another thrift store find. In fact when I found this set many years ago my love for thrifting began! The metal frame came from Hobby Lobby. 

I usually place an advent wreath on this table, but I didn't make one this year so instead used this wreath. It's just a grapevine wreath from Joann's decorated with a few Christmas floral picks also from Joann's. The candle is a pine tree scented candle.

This area holds a cute stuffed Santa Claus and two Christmas themed books - the Nutcracker story  and a book filled with Victorian stories and images.


Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you've done a blog post sharing some of your favorite Christmas decorations on your blog do let me know so I can come take a peek! 

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Jennifer said...

These are all cute!

Curated By Jennifer

Elizabeth Walker said...

I love these adorable decorations too!
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pilch92 said...

Everything is beautiful. I love Christmas villages.

Joanne said...

You have lots of lovely Christmas decorations. I really like that Lego village; now I'm kind of wishing I had bought a few sets when my boys were younger and really into Legos.

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Jennifer! I love all things cute :)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Joanne! My kids were totally into Lego but think I might be the biggest Lego fan of our house :)

Mica said...

You have such lovely decorations! My kids would love the lego ones, haha! our only lego decorations are the little ones the kids have made and put up on the tree! We do have a wooden nativity for their room though that's theirs to keep and play with whenever they want. You frequently see other toys joining the nativity scene, haha!

Hope that you had a fun weekend :) Despite the very wild and wet weather here we managed to get to a couple of Christmas parties which was lovely.

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Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much Mica. The legos are so fun, I always look forward to bringing them out every Christmas season :-)

Amy Johnson said...

Wow! You have so many beautiful, priceless pieces! That nativity from Italy is gorgeous!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Your Christmas decorations are absolutely show-worthy, Ellie! I love it all. So many cute pieces and I really like the vintage decor. Thank you for showing us and linking with me.


the 4 M's said...

I love the unique touches! I especially love the nativity scene and those angels!