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Jan 24, 2020

A Cashmere Sweater to Wear Now and Into Spring, And How I Clean Cashmere Sweaters

Happy Friday! 

How has your week been? I hope you're staying warm! We've had some chilly and icy weather here last weekend, I made yummy homemade chicken noodle soup per my daughter's request and just enjoyed being home. And I finally took the time for a little re-organization in my craft room. This whole week it's been snowing on and off and I'm hoping for some calmer weather next week.

Since the weather wasn't playing along last weekend, we took today's outfit pictures inside (I always take outfit pictures the weekend before my Friday fashion posts). I'm ok with how they turned out and it surely beats the strange looks we're getting when taking photos outside in winter with no coat on :-) Not that I really care, but it's just a little weird.

Please note: This post includes some affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always, this is at no cost to you. Thank you so much for your support!

I didn't really plan on buying a new sweater,  but somehow I ended up checking out Nordstrom's Winter sale and found a pretty Cashmere sweater at 50% off. I do have another cashmere sweater that I love and wear a lot (hard to believe I've not shown you an outfit with it yet!) but my brain has been "wishfully thinking of spring" and I thought the pretty purple would be a great color to wear now and into spring when it's still chilly outside.

I was actually first drawn to the Blue Mazarine colored sweater (see below), it reminded me of one of my favorite Distress Ink color - Blueprint Sketch. I think this blue would look amazing worn with white jeans!! However, since I wear blue jeans about 90% of the time, I thought the purple would coordinate better.

But isn't this a gorgeous color!!!

HALOGEN<SUP>®</SUP> V-Neck Cashmere Sweater, Main, color, BLUE MAZARINE

This sweater is 100% cashmere but it's on the thinner side, which is probably the reason why it's more affordable than some cashmere. That said, I think it's perfect for early spring weather and can easily be worn under a coat or jacket.

I chose to wear boot cut jeans from White House Black Market (very similar option) I picked up on clearance years ago but rarely wear them because they are a little too long on me. I should probably get rid of them but I love the wash and how they fit otherwise. They would look better with higher heels, but if you've followed my outfit posts, then you'll already know that I rarely wear heels. Here I am wearing my Clark's ankle boots (old - similar style) that do have a little bit of a heel and I do wear these regularly as they are very comfortable.

Since I'm short, the sweater is a little bit longer on me than I prefer. In the above picture I tucked it in the front to change up the look.

The two pictures above aren't the best quality but I tried to get a picture of the pretty v-neck in the back.

How I care for cashmere sweaters:

I simply hand wash using Woolite Delicates in cool water, then rinse in cold water. It's important to note that warm water will cause your cashmere to shrink.

Do not twist the sweater to remove the water! I simply hold the sweater over the tub and squeeze the water out as I move my hands up and down.
Using a dry towel, you can now roll up the sweater in the towel (roll up like a yoga mat), and squeeze more water out of it as you roll it up. (I don't always do this.)

Lay flat to dry.

If wrinkles are present after drying, you should use a steamer. I don't own a steamer so I use the steam option on my iron instead. But do not press down the iron, just apply the steam from about an inch or so above the sweater. You can lay a damp cloth (like a cotton dishtowel) over the sweater and iron it through the cloth on low heat setting.

Cashmere (and any kind of knit sweaters) should  always be folded and never hung up on hangers. Be sure the sweater is completely dry before folding.

Most sweaters do pill at some point and I have been using this sweater stone on them with good results. Then of course, as with all knits, cashmere sweaters should also be folded and not hung up on hangers.

Please note: My Cashmere sweaters do say "Dry Clean" but this is the method I use. I am not an expert so please be careful with your expensive cashmeres, I just wanted to share what works for me.

Below I've linked up a few cashmere sweaters I found on sale from Nordstrom. Remember, shipping and return shipping is always free through Nordstrom.  

As a reminder, these and some of the links above are affiliate links.

Double V-Neck (several colors available) //  Crewneck (several colors available) 

Buffalo Plaid Silk & Cashmere (runs small -order 1 size up // Turtleneck (only color and limited sizes but such a pretty shade of red!) // Striped Cable Knit // Cable Knit (only color) 

Thank you so much for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your weekend! 

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the 4 M's said...

Its such a pretty color! The blue one would look awesome on you too! What about getting your jeans hemmed? Or go for a raw hem by cutting them. Especially if you plan to donate them, it would be a loss especialy if you end up liking them like that. Taking pics outside can be funny, my neighbors probably think I am self absorbed because the husband leaves right when I am usually taking my ootd picture!

Doused in Pink | Chicago Style Blog said...

The purple color is so pretty on you! I love the v in the back! I take my photos with a tripod and remote and my neighbors are always looking at me funny!

Jill - Doused in Pink

Ellibelle said...

Great ideas Mireille. I've never had anything professionally hemmed but maybe I should since I do like these. (Or teach myself how to!!) I keep thinking that one day I might wear them with a higher heel, but that doesn't ever seem to happen :-)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Jill. It's not easy finding a private area to take pictures. We usually take them while out on the weekend, but sometimes the backyard has to do. A fenced in yard would be nice for those occasions but we don't have one.

Amy Johnson said...

It’s such a pretty sweater. I love the color. I’ll never forget when I was a teenager I used up all my savings to buy a beautiful cashmere sweater. Then I washed it and threw it in the dryer! When it came out it could have fit a doll! I shed a lot of tears. But lesson learned!

Ellibelle said...

How awful about your cashmere sweater that you saved up for! Cashmere, and probably all types of wool don't take heat well. I've washed mine before in lukewarm water instead of cool and was worried, but it was ok. It's not easy hand washing with cold water!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Mica said...

What a lovely purple knit! the only cashmere I have in my wardrobe is scarves, but I do try to treat all my knits gently with hand washing and laying flat to wear like you said! :)

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend :)

Away From Blue

FashionRadi said...

I love the color of your sweater and your tips on making each sweater last longer.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Such a pretty color on you! And now I'm craving some chicken noodle soup <3

Green Fashionista

Reidland Family said...

I love the color. Thank you for the tips on washing.

R's Rue said...

So lovely.

Joanne said...

I bought two cashmere sweaters like this (cheaply on Amazon) and I love that the thinner material makes it something I can use for more than one season. That blue color is so pretty; but I like the purple too.

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Ellie, this is such a gorgeous color on you. And that cobalt blue one is stunning. I need more cashmere sweaters in my life. I only have one in gray and I have kind of worn it to death that it is now all misshapen! Thank you for the cashmere care tips. I need to be better!


Ellibelle said...

Thanks Mica. I could use a cashmere scarf!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Kate! It surely was the perfect weekend for chicken noodle soup :-)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Ellibelle said...

Thank you!

Ellibelle said...

It's always great to be able to wear things for more than just one season! And this one will work for 3 out of 4 :)
Thanks so much for visiting!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Shelbee! I think cashmere is the softes of all wools! Many years ago I ruined a camel colored cashmere sweater, I don't remember how, but I only had it for one season. I'm being extra careful now and it's been working well for me.
Thanks for visiting!

Jessica Jannenga said...

The jeans look great and I love cashmere! This magenta sweater is a great color on you and I have been thinking and looking at Spring items myself.
thanks for linking!
jess xx

Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE that color on you! So bright and still perfect for winter! Thanks for linking up with us today!

Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom said...

Beautiful sweater and I could use these tips!! I'm a disaster with laundry! Ha, ha!! I did not know White House Black Market had shoes!!


Lisa said...

Who can resist 50% off? And that color is beautiful!!! Thanks for joining us for Style Six!!! XO

lxj said...

good post!!!!

mummabstylish said...

Well done, a nice post - thanks for sharing. Thanks for adding to the #linkup Jacqui x

Adam said...

Gorgeous color, and thanks for sharing your tips on cashmere care!