Mar 27, 2020

Fashion Over Forty: Blush Pink Cardigan and Light Wash Jeans

Good morning and thanks so much for visiting! Hope you are all doing well and most importantly are staying healthy! Our schools have extended the cancellations until the 7th (as of now), and like so many of you we're in a shelter in place order but allowed to go grocery shopping or on walks. I did stop at Aldi a few days ago and found it well stocked with everything on my list.

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As I'm sure I mentioned before, even though I don't work outside of the house, I still need to get dressed in my regular clothes to be the most productive. Today's outfit is a variation of something I've been wearing for the most part of the past 7+ days.  In fact this cardigan I've worn 3 times this week. It's so easy to throw over a tshirt and jeans outfit for warmth and comfort. Everything I'm wearing is old, but they are basics and there are usually similar styles available, and most likely in your closets already.

These pictures were taken last Sunday when snowflakes were falling. Lots of big snowflakes! The random white specks you see are snowflakes. 

This dusty pink cardigan was purchased last spring from LOFT. I love this color! While I didn't see a similar color at LOFT at this time, this cardigan from Nordstrom comes in a similar color as well as this one and both are part of Nordstrom's Spring sale, marked down to $29.50 and as always Free Shipping and Returns. 

I don't think I've worn these lighter wash jeans over the winter months, but I love this wash for spring and summer. These skinny jeans are from Old Navy purchased last year, but this could possibly be the exact pair. I know many of us probably don't feel like shopping these days, but wanted to mention everything is currently on sale at Old Navy with free shipping on orders of $25 or more. The jeans I linked to are marked down to $12.

My scoop neck tshirt is from Target, I'm pretty sure I've had this tshirt for a couple of seasons already. I can't find a black and white striped tee at a reasonable price at the moment, but do like this navy and white stripe option from Old Navy. This black and white one is cute but it might not work under a cardigan with the twisted sleeves...although it would be great under a spring jacket or by itself when it's warm enough outside.

These loafers you've seen before in this recent post and this post from last year. They are so comfortable and one of the pairs of shoes I wear a lot during spring and fall. These are by Naturalizer and unfortunately no longer available. If you're looking for some casual blue slip-on shoes these boat shoes by Grasshopper are an option if you like that style, otherise DSW has lots of blue slip on shoe options

I've linked to similar options below for those of you interested. Both cardigans are from Nordstrom and part of their Spring sale

Gibson Cardigan (runs large - sizing down is recommended) // Leith Cardigan 

Not much more to say about today's look. I do change into my workout leggings for about an hour every weekday so I can do yoga or pilates (I alternate between the two). In case you're interested, the YMCA is offering virtual classes during this time and I'm pretty sure they are accessable to everyone, even if you  are not a member. You can find them at YMCA360, and I also like Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for more options. For Pilates workouts I like Popsugar Fitness on YouTube. Most of these videos are shorter than the group fitness classes I attend but at least I still get some of my daily exercising done.

Still not watching much more TV although I like to sit in the living room with my daughter and color  something for an upcoming card in the evenings while she has something running on the TV... I did start watching The Voice on Hulu for the first time this season (always been an American Idol fan) and then today Heidi Klum's and Tim Gunn's new show "Making the Cut" is being released on Amazon Prime Video, and I've been looking forward to it. Of course that means I need to sign up for Amazon Prime as we're not currently members.... 

Well that's all I have to share today! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! 

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  1. I love the blush with the stripes! Now to see if I can do something like that. I don't think I have a blush layer apart from my moto jacket and it is way to warm for it. Might have to remember this outfit for the fall. Our school are out till the 24th of April for sure so 4 more weeks of home schooling since we have a week off for Spring break.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mireille. I think they might extend our school cancellations beyond the 7th as well...

  2. I love that blush cardigan. I don't work outside the home either but need to get dressed each day in order to feel ready to tackle it.

  3. We can t do without a striped tee! Always a winner! Stay safe!

    1. I always seem to reach for stripes! It's my favorite print for sure!

  4. I really love the colour of your cardigan!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. Great casual combo that anyone can replicate for sure. Love this color of cardigan on you.

  6. Cute outfit! That sweater looks very soft and cozy! :) I've been loving Yoga with Adriene too--her videos have definitely come in handy with my usual yoga studio being closed!

  7. I love a good cardigan! They're so versatile.

    Kaitlyn @ Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  8. I love stripes and jeans together, such a staple outfit, and the blush cardigan is a cute topper, I can see why you've been wearing it so much! :)

    Hope that your week is going well :) I'm working from home and also trying to teach the kids since the schools are closed! We are allowed out for groceries and medical appointments and exercise, but the supermarkets are not very well stocked unfortunately :( there are a lot of shortages.

    Away From Blue

    1. Thanks Mica, I always seem to reach for it this time of the year!
      We've had that grocery situation here as well, but found that after a couple of days everything was available again... once the panic shoppers aren't out anymore.

    2. It's starting to improve a bit here but there are still so many empty aisles...hopefully it calms down soon.

  9. Very nice! I love that color. Nice for spring when it's still a little cool.

  10. That cardigan looks really cozy! love the color of it :)

    Hugs from NYC

  11. Such a cute, wearable outfit! I love that pretty cardigan! I like lighter washes for spring and summer too!

  12. Such a great outfit, Ellie. I love the pink sweater. I have a similar one that has gotten tons of wear over the years (I think it is from Old Navy). I need to get back to my yoga videos. I was doing them and enjoying it then I got lazy! Thanks for linking up with me.


  13. A very pretty cardigan! I love blush pink and really could use more pink in my wardrobe. Old Navy has some of the best jeans too, love the lighter wash with this look.
    Stay well.
    jess xx

  14. I love your cardigan, it looks great with jeans and stripes. I have a thin blush pink cardigan that I wear so much during the Summer, it just goes with everything. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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