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Nov 1, 2021

Papercrafters: Year in Review 2021 Blog Hop Idea - Looking for Participants/Co-Hosts

Year in Review 2021 Blog Hop Idea

In the last week of every year I always like to look back at all the cards I created over the year and select my favorites. 

This year I thought it would be fun to collaborate with other bloggers who would like to participate in a sort of a "blog hop" where we will each create a post sharing our favorites and then use the linky tool I will provide to share our posts with each other. I am hoping there will be a few interested bloggers. The blog hop would start on December 29th and the linky tool will remain open for a week. Participants/co-hosts are encouraged to have their posts prepared by Wednesday December 29th, but it is not absolutely neccessary as the linky tool will be open for a week, so you may link up your Year in Review post any time during that week.

Each participants can decide on which way to write their Year in Review post, personally I always select a favorite of the month (to make it easier), but you may do a Favorite 5 of 2021 or even just Favorite Christmas Cards of 2021. These do need to be YOUR OWN creations (yes, we're tooting our own horns!) 

You can take a peek at my Year in Review post from last year if you're unsure of what I am talking about.   

Quick Details:

  • Create a blog post featuring YOUR OWN favorite creations of 2021 to be posted on your blogs starting on Wednesday December 29th. This is when the linky tool will be open.
  • I will provide the html code for the linky tool to each person signing up. Please include this in your post on your own blogs and all participants will link up their posts using this linky tool directly on  their blogs. 
  • Your blog followers are welcome to link up their own favorites during that time period should they decided to create their own "year in review" posts. The linky will be open for one week.
  • You must have a blog to participate - new bloggers are welcome!
  • This will be a blog hop, so please plan on visiting and commenting on each participant's "Year in Review 2021 post". 
  • This sign up is for any paper crafter with a blog. You don't have to have a papercraft only blog - as long as you have some favorite handmade cards to share in your review post you are welcome to sign up.

If you would like to be added to the list of "co-hosts" please use the linky tool below to sign up. Also please ensure there is an email address listed on your blogs so I can contact you with the linky tool html code for the blog hop when we get closer to the time.

The linky above is scheduled to be open until November 30th, but I may close it sooner or extend the sign up period depending on interest. And if there isn't enough interest I may decide not to host the blog hop at all. 

Thanks so much for visiting!

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