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Feb 12, 2021

Project 333 and A Bubblegum Pink Sweater with Black Velvet Pants for Valentine's Day

Hello and welcome!

My closet (and the weather) have been leaving me mostly uninspired and I thought I may be giving up on my idea of "fashion blogging" altogether for now. But here I am - again! At least for now, and I'm thinking of doing my outfit posts just once a month now for now. 

Today I'm sharing about a wardrobe challenge I recently stumbled across called Project 333 challenge as well as a pink sweater outfit since Valentines Day is this Sunday and I love pink for Valentines day - and really any other day too 😊

So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing Netflix on a Sunday evening and the way it usually goes I end up picking a documentary to watch if I actually end up watching anything at all. I thought I might like a documentary called "Minimalism" since I always seem to have decluttering on my mind although I never seem to be able to really get anywhere with it.... In any event, there was a mention about Project 333, not something I had heard of before, so I looked it up after I was done watching the documentary.

What is Project 333?

You choose only 33 items to keep in your closet for 3 months. These 33 items must include tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and accessories. It does not include activewear and loungewear. Since I haven't owned any typical loungewear in many years (I don't like wearing it!) besides my Barefoot Dreams cardigan, I decided to count 3 sweatshirts and a couple of my most comfortable pairs of jeans as my type of loungewear and not add them to the final count of 33 items. Everything else I boxed up for now.

After 3 months I will go through the totes of clothes again (this time around it will be sooner than that since I only just started this project a couple of weeks ago and I'm sure by the end of March I'll want to select a few other things more suitable for spring and pick 33 items once again.

Keeping my lifestyle in mind, I kept what I loved the most for this time of the year, and knowing that I will go back through the clothes again soon enough, it was actually really easy to narrow it down. The idea is to select items that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits to wear during the 3 months, something like a capsule wardrobe. 

That said, after I had picked out my items I realized I hadn't gone through my scarves and handbags yet, so at this point those are extras. 

This  has gotten a bit long trying to explain it .... you can read more about it here: Be More with Less if you like to with all the details about the Project 333 challenge. 

Some affiliate links may be used in this post. This means I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always, this is at no cost to you! Thanks so much for supporting this blog!

Today's outfit features a bubblegum pink v neck sweater, perfect for Valentine's Day. That said, we never plan to go out on Valentines Day and really don't celebrate the day in a big way, but I will probably put on this sweater anyway, most likely paired with skinny blue jeans and my cozy Muk Luks socks.

While we don't have any plans of going out, I do usually end up baking some sort of a treat for my husband (and the rest of us). He usually gets me some chocolates and flowers and I like to cook a favorite dinner - this year it's going to be pan fried salmon filets with rice and oven roasted veggies. Nothing too fancy  but the family loves it. I also made this card for him :)

Pink V Neck Sweater

I knew this sweater was going to stay in my closet when I did Project 333 because I just love this pretty shade of pink so much this time of the year (and during the early days of spring)  and it's soooo soft too! It may be one to keep in my closet when I choose the next 33 items as I know our weather will still be chilly for a few more weeks when spring is here. 

This sweater is about 2 years old, purchased online from Nordstrom by Leith. In case you're looking for it at resale sites, I wanted to let you know... the cut is short but it runs large on the shoulders and the v-neck is deep, and I actually ended up having to exchange it for a smaller size. If you are tall, you may find that it's too short on your frame, but I love the lengths on my petite frame. 

I did some searching online for something similar in case you're interested...

2. From Loft (this sweater is a final sale, meaning it is not returnable but it's an extra 50% off the sales price like most of their sales items.)

Speaking of LOFT, they do have a sale going right now where most of their items are reduced, you can click the logo below to get to their shop. Remember to use code WANT at checkout to get the percentage off!


You may also find additional pink V-neck sweaters here:

Hounds Tooth Print Scarf

Whenever I wear this pink sweater, I seem to reach for this hounds tooth print scarf which also came from Nordstrom and is a few years old - by David & Young. The pink accents in the scarf perfectly match up with pink sweater and I love to bring in a print for this otherwise solid colored outfit.

I could not find anything comparable (you could possibly check ThredUp or Poshmark), but I do love this print and color combo as an alternative. (There are many other colors and prints to choose from if pink isn't your thing.) 

Reversible Jacket

A year or so ago I mentioned about how I wanted to purchase a black puffer coat but was waiting for one at a good price because I really didn't need another winter coat. Well, I never did buy a black puffer coat, but found this jacket at Goodwill for $9.99. I love that it's reversible. While it's too thin for the coldest winter days, it's perfect for fall or mild winter days. 

Since the jacket was purchased second hand it's no longer available. The tag inside the pocket and zipper tabs read "Weather Tamer" but I'm not sure this brand is still in business...

Related Products:

Light Camel Tote Bag 

We have frigid temperatures right now, but when these pictures were taken it was a few degrees above freezing so I was able to remove the coat and scarf for a little bit without turning into an icicle.

While I usually carry a crossbody bag, I do like a bigger bag like this tote because there is plenty of room to hold my scarf should I want to remove it. This tote is old too, I had picked it up from Target several years ago when I found it in their clearance section. 

Related Products:

Black Velvet Pants - Suitable for Any Winter Holiday

These velvet pants I've shared before a few times. I love them for when I want something fancier than blue jeans but still in the same style. They came from LOFT. They've been releasing a version of these for several years now, and they are once again available in their shop (this year's pair is high rise - mine are  a mid-rise). They are marked down an extra 50% off. Other colors are available too, you can see them all HERE. Please do note that the regular sizes are marked as a "final sale", so they are not returnable, the petite sizes however are not marked as a final sale (as I type this). 

Black Ankle Boots

My boots are old - by Clarks and I've had these for many years. They may not be the height of fashion, but they are comfortable and I do like them so I don't see myself getting rid of them anytime soon. 

It's hard to see in the photos, but whenever I wear a v neck I like to add a necklace to fill in the neckline. Here I am wearing a double strand necklace I received for Christmas by Rachel Roy - very similar to this necklace but mine is in a silver tone.

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the 4 M's said...

I have found a dolman sweater in about the same shade at Goodwill at the beginning of the month and am actually wearing it today. I first was going to wear joggers (for the 3rd time this week) but ended up with jeans and riding boots. I have been having fun with my "new" thrifted finds.

Jennifer said...

Love that pink sweater!!

Curated By Jennifer

Ellibelle said...

I have not once yet worn my riding boots this year but they definitely got a spot in my 33 items for my project 333 challenge :)
The pink sweater sounds like a great find!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Jennifer! It's such a pretty color!

Amy Johnson said...

What a beautiful sweater! I love the color. Would you believe I donated half my wardrobe? My son is moving home so I had to empty the guest room closet and condense all my clothes down to one closet. I was thinking of doing it before he announced he was moving home anyway. Because of the Draconian Lockdowns we never go anywhere anyway, so why do I need all these clothes anymore? I don't see it ever changing. The CDC already announced Covid will always be with us and we just have to learn to live with it. I knew a year ago when this all went down that life would never be the same again, and I was right. Anyway, I too just fashion blogged once a month, but I just joined a second group so I will now do two fashion posts a month. I pretty much just dress up for the camera and then put my lounge wear back on ha ha! Being part of monthly fashion groups keeps me on my toes so I don't get too lazy with my clothes. But it's gonna be hard as I don't buy anything new anymore and I will have to shop an even smaller closet just to do two fashion posts a month.

Donna Reidland said...

Very nice!

Stacy said...

My family and I have started journeying through minimalism very slowly! I enjoyed that documentary as well! I also really was intrigued by the 333 system, but I haven't jumped on board just yet! I am excited to learn though, and excited that I found your blog in a linky party! Also, that outfit is amazing! Hope your minimalism journey goes well!!

Ellibelle said...

I've been finding is so refreshing to only have a few tops/bottoms to choose from! I hate decision making and now it's so easy so I am loving having such few items in my closet!
This whole situation sure has caused difficulties for so many, I'm glad your son can move back home, honestly I couldn't imagine living in a big city (or close to one) at the moment as they have so many more restrictions than we do here in small town USA, even though we're still in Illinois.
I figured we'd have to live with this virus just how the world had to learn to live with the flu, honestly I never have been a fan of these lockdowns and it would have been making much more sense to protect the elderly and ill so everyone else can create a natural immunity. And sadly there is never a guarantee in life, pandemic or not!
But what do I know...

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Donna!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Stacy! I'm really enjoying it thus far, although I've picked up a couple things I found at Marshall's clearance. I'm definitely much more mindful of what I buy as I have to like the item more than something else already in my closet. The best thing about the system is, I didn't actually have to donate anything and just boxed up instead. With time I will know what will always stay boxed up and then it will be so easy to get rid of!

Lovely said...

That's a beautiful sweater and it looks great on you! Love this look!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Ellie, I really love this pink sweater and velvet pants outfit! What a cool style challenge, too. I am definitely not one to go for a capsule wardrobe, but they work wonderfully for others as far as I can tell. I am interested in seeing how the 3 months go for you! Thanks for sharing this fun challenge and your cute outfit! And please don't quit on the fashion part of your blog...I love to see your outfits!


mummabstylish said...

What a super idea, I've failed as I've already bought some new pieces. Thanks for sharing today. Have a great weekend. Jacqui x

Mica said...

I've always liked the idea of project 333 but I can't do it, I love having all the options in my wardrobe. It would help me hit my 30 wears goals on some pieces faster though, haha!

I think this pink knit is a great piece to have picked as it's a lovely colour on you and will go with so much! I really like the scarf with it :)

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you are having a good weekend, it's a hot day here today :)

Away From Blue said...

Thanks so much for linking up with the Ageless Style link up. So nice to meet you and to learn about Project 333. That just happens to be my favorite number!! What a beautiful look. Streamlined and unfussy. Love the mix of textures, that great scarf that pulls in all the colors, and that beautiful pink sweater.

Angelica said...

Perfect casual v day look beauty!

XX Angelica

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Shelbee! I definitely feel like "what am I doing fashion blogging" with my simple outfits, haha! But it's so fun and do plan on continuing even if I cut back. Picking out clothes is so much better now that I don't have to weed through everything. And how funny that for the first time ever I have fewer clothes than my husband LOL. (Of course not counting those stored away in totes!)

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much! I too have purchased a couple of things, but I'm so much more mindful now of what I buy because then something else has to go.

Ellibelle said...

Thanks Mica! It's been working well for me so far, but I've only just started with it!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!!

Ellibelle said...

Thank you!!

Tracy said...

Project 333 sounds like a great challenge. We often have so many pieces that we end up giving away - I'd like to try this out myself!