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Mar 6, 2023

My Recent Amazon Prime Purchases

Happy Monday, 

I decided to join Tanya with her Prime Purchases link up this month. Tanya is having this as a monthly feature on her blog, but I only share mine about every 3 month. 

Lots of random things I purchased over the last 3 months...

1. SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

Back in December I decided to move the tall cat tower out of the living room as I noticed neither of the cats went on it much ever anymore but they did use the scratching posts which were part of the tall cat tower so I knew I needed to replace the scratching posts. Most scratching posts I always find too light weight especially for my over 10lb cat, so I went searching for the perfect one. And I found it! Both of my cats love this scratching post and it is very sturdy. 

2. Amazon Essentials Soft Cotton Yoga Tank

I was looking to add a couple of colorful workout tops to my closet in colors that compliment my skin tone and have not been very successful in local shops. I am very picky with my workout tops as I don't like racerbacks and it seems like that's the only style you can find in stores.
Another color/style I purchased. I kept both!

4. All Out Of Grocery List Note Pad

Found this notepad recommended on a site and thought it was a good way to stay organized. Magnetic on the back so I keep this on my fridge and mark down each time I use a pantry staple or notice I need to replace something. Then when I do my weekly grocery shopping I tear the page out, fill in what else I need and go on my way.  

5. Stampers Anonymous Tiny Text Stamp Set

I love Stampers Anonymous Sticker sentiments and thought it was time to purchase a similar set in stamps so I can use them over and over. 

6. The Pink Stuff

So my daughter made huge mess with milk boiling over and then she told me that I need to get this stuff. She probably saw it advertised on tiktok because I've never heard of it before (I think it's a British brand), but it sounded like a miracle cleaner so I purchased it. It does seem to work some wonders! 

7. King Arthur Measure for Measure Gluten Free Flour

My hubby is trying to go gluten free (he has been having digestive issues for many years) and I decided to join him for now. Being a bread addict myself, I of course wanted to try making my own homemade loaf of gluten free bread baked in my Dutch Oven. I've already used it twice (I am working to adapt my dutch oven bread recipe to this flour) but even though the taste of the bread was good both times it was quite sticky so I am still working on perfecting the recipe. It does say on the back of the package that this particular gluten free flour mixture is best used for non-yeast recipes like cakes and cookies, so I will be looking for King Arthur's other gluten free flour. The first time I added a lightly boiled shredded potato to the dough and the second time I added ground flax seeds. I think I need to bake it at a lower temperature and at least at twice the time. 

8. Neenah Classic Crest 80lb Card Stock

It was time to re-order my Neenah card stock which I like using for copic coloring and pencil coloring. I don't use this for card bases but there is a 110lb version available too. 

9. Stainless Steel Steamer

Not sure why I didn't already own one of these. So glad I finally do now!! It's adjustable in size to fit differently sized pots and the steamed veggies are so tasty!!

10. Throw Pillow Covers in Salmon Pink

I mentioned before that I love to get throw pillow covers instead of buying new decorative pillows and Amazon always has many to choose from. I wasn't sure what color scheme I wanted to go with but knew they needed to coordinate with my light gray pillow covers which I like to use year round as well as the navy and gray-ish blue rug so I chose this salmon pink above as well as hot pink below and yellow (this color is supposed to arrive today) to see what I like best.

11. Throw Pillow Covers in Hot Pink

Sooo hard to decide which colors to keep as I love both pinks!! Hubby and son both lean towards the Salmon Pink but Magenta Pink (which this color reminds me of) has been a favorite color of mine for a long time.... so I'm still not sure.... and then I may like the pretty lemon yellow...

12. Throw Pillow Covers in Lemon Yellow

This color is scheduled to arrive later today... I may decide to keep all 3 (they weren't very expensive) and it's always nice to change it up a bit. 

ETA: Just received the yellow pillow covers. I will return these as they are more "chrome" yellow than shown in the photo. I was hoping for a softer yellow :(

13. Bloch Performa Ballet Shoes

Some years ago my daughter switched to these ballet shoes for dance class and it's been her only style of flat ballet shoes since. Amazon had her size at a great price!

14. Big Toe Protector

My daughter is currently in the process of losing her big toe nail (something I hear can happen if you are dancing on pointe) and a friend had recommended these to her. They are currently on the way so she hasn't tried them yet herself but her dance friend is wearing hers with each class. Not just for dancers though but for anyone who needs to protect their toe due to injury, ingrown toe nails etc. 

Thanks so much for visiting!

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Kim Carberry said...

I find it so interesting to see what people have bought off Amazon! What great buys.

Hena Tayeb said...

I too just bought the Pink Stuff and it worked miracles on my oven.

Joanne said...

All three of those pillow covers are such pretty colors! We used to have a veggie steamer just like that when I was growing up.

Jennifer said...

My cats would love the tower!

Curated by Jennifer


I like the pink cover pillows.

mireille said...

Always fun to see what everyone buys! I am trying to stay off Amazon but I am wanting to try one of those flowy overall jumpsuits...

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Love those cute pillows! I'm in the market for some pink ones so I thank you for doing the work for me. Have a great week.

akterja said...

i love your blog