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Jan 1, 2021

Year in Review 2020 Fashion Over Forty Edition: Top 12 Most Viewed Outfit Posts of 2020 and My Personal Favorites

Hello and welcome! 

I would like to start off the year of blogging by wishing all my readers a Happy and Healthy New Year

Today I'm sharing a line up of my 12 most viewed blog posts of 2020 as well as my own personal 5 favorites, so it's a picture heavy post. 

12 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2020

This list does not mean they were reader favorites, but instead they received the most clicks as identified through google analytics. I am listing them in the typical top 12 order with the least of the top 12 first and ending with the most viewed. You can always click on the links above each image for the original post. 

This post may include some affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always, this is at no cost to you. Thank you so much for your support! 

It surprised me to find this one in the top 12 most viewed as it's sadly one of my personal least favorite looks.

11. New Utility Shorts

I've been looking for a perfect pair of olive utility shorts for some time to replace an old pair and was so happy when I found these through another blogger. They are the perfect pair for my casual summer days!

10. Red Floral Top for Summer

Another look I was surprised to see here. I love both of these pieces and reached for the sleeveless top many times in the summer, but I don't love these pants paired up with the top. Maybe the sandals are the problem!

9. Styling Green Jeans with a Pink Floral Top

This look made my personal favorites too. The top was my favorite clothing purchase of 2020 and I love it paired with these dark sage colored jeans. 

Had fun styling this yellow top two ways! I'm pretty sure I never ended up wearing the look on the right anywhere this year but I do love the way these blue pants (they are the same pair I styled with the floral red top above) pair with the top. Of course the look on the left is one of my "go-to" summer looks. 

This was just a "lazy day at home" look and surprised to see it in the top 12 but it's definitely a great stay at home look. In fact I'm wearing these gray jeans with some fuzzy slipper socks right now :-)

This Eddie Bauer down jacket was a Thrift Store find and I thought it would be a good idea to share how I clean a down jacket.

This is another outfit that made it to my personal favorites of 2020. This sweater is also one of my favorite pieces in my closet and it pairs so well with a puffer vest on a mild winter day. 

I don't dress up often, but love how quickly and easily velvet jeans and a pretty floral blouse can elevate a look. Happy to see this one made the top 12. 

PS: LOFT has their current style of Velvet Skinny Jeans marked down to $20.21 with code NEWYEAR. They have several colors to choose from!

It's so easy for me to get into a "blue jean rut" but absolutely love how this outfit turned out. Glad to see it in the top 12 as well!

I almost included this one in my personal favorites but then decided not to as I very rarely wear this faux leather jacket, so it didn't really qualify even though I LOVE the sweater and boots and wear them a lot!

And the winner is...............................😃

While this may not have made my personal favorites of 2020, it is an outfit type I reach for often, so I'm not really surprised to see it ranking as the top viewed as I'm sure many of my readers reach for this type of outfit for an everyday look. 

My Personal Favorite  5  7 Looks of 2020

The looks below are my personal favorite looks of 2020. They are listed in no particular order as I love each one and can't really decide which one of these I love the most. 

This cardigan was my second most favorite purchase of 2020. I've been wearing it A LOT during October and November. 

I reach for this blush pink cardigan a lot during spring and I love it paired with stripes and light wash jeans. It's one of my favorite cardigans. I just love this pretty pink for spring!

This magenta top is one of my favorite summer tops and one I reach for often. 

I'm surprised at how much I liked this basic white tshirt and blue jean look! Almost too basic to photograph but I'm glad I did!

As mentioned above, this top was my favorite purchase of 2020 and I've been reaching for it many times over the warmer months.

Another basic look, this time for winter but this is my all time favorite cashmere sweater and one I reach for a lot - not just the sweater but all of these pieces. (Side note: I did wear a coat on this day, just took it off for the photo and you can see the complete outfit in the original post.)

This is another favorite sweater although not as warm as my cashmere sweater above, but I love the details and I love to wear it on days where I can get away with just a puffer vest instead of a coat.

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you enjoyed my Year in Review - Fashion over Forty Edition! (If you'd like to see my Year in Review: Favorite Cards of 2020 you can view the post HERE). If you have done one of these posts, then I'd love to come take a look. Just let me know in the comments.

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This post may include some affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you purchase something through the links. As always, this is at no cost to you. Thank you so much for your support! 


Amy Johnson said...

It always amazes me when I look at my statistics what got the most clicks at the end of the year. I think it all depends who picked it up or what the title of your post was. I think how you title posts is the most important thing, but it's so hard most of the time to decide what the title should be.

pilch92 said...

All great looks. I really like the pink checkered sweater. Happy New Year!

Mica said...

Such a good way to look back on a fashionable year! I love so many of your fave outfits - you've made me wonder what my top posts would be! I usually don't look at the numbers but it would be interesting to see! :)

Happy new year! Hope 2021 is off to a good start for you :)

Away From Blue

Ellibelle said...

I really need to get better and more creative with some my post titles. I can see now why the pink buffalo plaid outfit made the list - because buffalo plaid was trending :-)
Thanks for stopping by, Amy!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much!!

Ellibelle said...

Thanks so much, Mica!!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Ellie, this was super fun to see all your favorites and most viewed posts! I still love that pink Buffalo plaid sweater so much that I really wish had worked on me! But it is so darn perfect on you! Thanks for linking up, my friend!


Lovely said...

Fab look, especially the buffalo plaid sweater! Happy New Year!

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I'm often very surprised by the posts which are most popular but I guess it comes down to SEO and Google liking the post and showing it high up. Love your style! All the best for 2021 and good to see you at #WowOnWednesday

Lackadaisy said...

I love the colours and patterns you're using in your looks! And those fluffy kitten slippers, I need those for our cold days in the house, they're so cute <3


Kristie from Love My Little Cottage said...

I love your style. I'm featuring your post on the Little Cottage Link Party today. said...

A great round up of outfits! I love the long striped cardigan and crocheted scarf. Thanks for linking up!

Emma xxx